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Time versus Memory

I have clocks in every room, yet I am unaware of the time it takes to create a piece.  With stop watch in hand I decided to track working moments.  It logged, distractingly, every time I sat to pull, sew or work on a piece.  Now in hindsight, what it did not calculate was the moments of formulation of color, design, texture, that were deliberated while in the shower, making coffee, or lying in bed.  These numbers reflect how long my fingers toiled, not how long it took to complete.  Next time I’ll carry the stop watch with me.


As I worked I thought about time and its effects on memory.  As we age and seconds accumulate, memories fight to hold their place.  Holes of recollection become wider and wider.  I wish that I had more choice on the things that I can and will retain.  

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