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Wishful Intentions
Wishful Intentions was a site specific installation made for the lobby of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Bedminster, NJ.  
Installed July 2015 and was displayed until December 12, 2015.

Artist Statement:

Wishful Intentions

Open my sock drawer and you will find twenty six pairs of pantyhose.  I can recall the reason each were purchased.  Wedding.  Holiday.  Special occasion.  All were acquired in hopes to feel confident in my presence.


All the pantyhose in this installation were donated by the CCA community.  Over fifteen pounds were contributed, for the greater part, by women.  Each pair contains the hopes of being their best.


Collectively these woman stand enduringly as trees.  Weathering the storms.  Sheltering and nurturing life.  Radiant in bloom, bearing of fruit, and shedding of time.  It is they that support the hives of life.


I thank each and every one of them.  They are strong, intelligent, and beautiful.  Now if only as individuals we would believe it.

There are some people I have to thank for whom, without their great asstance, this installation would have never been accomplished.


Rainbow G & J Painting                        

Lisette Bedoya                            

Elie Porter Trubert

Peg Amorosa                                          

Hector Bedoya                            

Stefanie Beaumont

Mary Claussen                                        

Brian Robinson                          

Hayley Trinkoff

Debbie Currey                                        

Joseph Keane                              

Caitlin Albright

Gretchen Trukenbrod                              

Brian Fitz                                    

Wes Sherman

Hannah Morris                                        

Christian Garibaldi                      

Miklos Sippos

Taylor Murphy                                         

Charlie Ehrenfried                        

Bob Trukenbrod

Alison Hooper                                         

Kevin Norman

Andrea Gianchiglia                                 

Trevor Brown

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