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Private Lessons

What would you like to learn?

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

Want a critique to guide your creative juices?

Or do you need someone to lead a creative function?

One on one lessons/critiques either in my studio, in your home or at one of the mentioned art centers.

Price: $100 per hour materials not included.

Virtual Private Lessons/Virtual Art Parties

Need a little inspiration?  

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture in your pajamas.

What materials do you have?

Zoom a little creativity.

Price: $50 per hour PayPal/Venmo is accepted.

West Windsor Art Center

Summer Camp! View Website

Thursdays:     In the Fall


4:00-5:00      Drawing and Painting  (ages 8-10)

5:15-6:30      Draw, Paint, Sculpt.      (ages 5-7)



Visual Art Center of NJ

Summer Camp!  View website


Monday:       Fall Classes


3:30-5:00    Art Sampler (ages 5-7)

5:30-6:30    Drawn to Drawing (ages 7-10)

Tuesday:     Fall classes


4:00-5:30     Clay Critters (ages 5-7)

6:00- 7:00     Drawn to Drawing (ages 7-10)

Wednesday:  Fall Classes   


9:30-12:00      Sculpture (adult)

1:00-3:00         Mixed media Art (adult)

3:30-5:00         Art Sampler (ages 5-7)

5:30-6:30         Intro Drawing and Painting (ages 6-9)

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